Workshop and Seminars

Inspire. Teach. Train. Educate.

Each workshop and seminar is designed to inspire, teach, train, and educate individuals in the areas of personal and academic growth. Each workshop/seminar has an interactive component that allows students to implement the concepts that were taught in a controlled supervised environment. Students walk away with tangible skills and the ability to use those skills in varying environments to promote positive change in their personal and academic lives.

Entrepreneurial Program:

It is our vision that the students who participate in our programs will be empowered with the knowledge, confidence, and creative license to pursue their own entrepreneurial passion despite their economic circumstances. With that concept in mind, our programs aim to inform even the most impoverished students that they already have the tools to create a greater destiny for themselves by way of launching and maintaining their own businesses. Greatness Is In You! programming will be a beacon of hope for inner city students who aspire to own their own businesses. While the focus of this initiative is to nurture creativity, it will be steeply based in education and arming the students with the technical knowledge that is needed to succeed in today’s marketplace.

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