Creating A Legacy


A youth mentoring initiative of Greatness Is In You!

A cornerstone of the Greatness Is In You! is to assist families with the development of their boys into responsible men through: Exposure, Communication/Time, and Growth Opportunities.

  • EXPOSURE: We believe that exposure to cultural, academic, and world activities, events, and people allow young people to dream beyond what they would experience in their day-to-day life.
  • COMMUNICATION/TIME: Consistent communication with young people is key to consistent mentorship. Bi-Weekly face-to-face contact between mentor and mentee occurs in Creating a Legacy with a focus on quality conversation and follow-up with families.
  • OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH: In line with the Greatness Is In You! mission is the idea that young people must give back to their community to help the people around them live and grow too. Each young person in Creating a Legacy will partake in a community service project that gives back to their community in a meaningful way.

Creating a Legacy provides a safe environment for young people to explore the notion of what is possible for their future. Through the pairing of the young person with a strong mentor who, in their actions, words and experiences, exemplifies these possibilities, Creating a Legacy places the development of young men at the core of its work.

To ensure the impact of this program, Creating a Legacy mentors regularly conference with families making the process both inclusive and dynamic. Through frequent phone calls, ongoing evaluations, follow-up conversations and family meetings, Creating a Legacy mentors realized the importance of including the parent(s) in the mentoring process.

Creating a movement of entrepreneurial, responsible and reflective young men is crucial to the continuing growth of our communities and families. Creating a Legacy’s mission is to grow this movement one young man at a time. Join us!