Greatness Is In You!


Greatness Is In You! is a Philadelphia based non-profit that is working to teach, train, motivate and mentor youth from the Philadelphia area and beyond.

Newly founded in 2010 by teacher and father Kareem Rogers, Greatness Is In You! is striving to create a movement that allows youth to harness their God-given abilities and give back to the communities in which they live. As a student-centered organization, we work with parents, teachers, administrators, pastors and community leaders to develop our young adults and to help them build quality relationships that will last for generations to come.

We emphasize their responsibility to each other, and those who will follow, so they too will have a heart and desire to give back in the future. We meet the students right where they are in order to propel them towards Greatness! This is accomplished through interactive workshops, summer camps, stage plays, entrepreneurship and so much more.

We also focus on experiences that push youth to see a world beyond what they already know.

The grassroots working of the Greatness Is In You! programming seeks to address a growing need amongst parents, youth and educational institutions. If you are a dedicated adult and wish to join our movement - contact us now.

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