Creative Outreach - Fundraising Solutions

Plays are a creative way to teach, reach out to surrounding communities, and to raise funds for your church or community group. We want to partner with you to produce one of our plays to help you achieve one of your ministry teaching, outreach, and fundraising goals. Our plays have been seen by thousands of people, and many have come to know Jesus Christ as a result of attending our productions.

Bringing a production to your church is easy:
  • We bring our full production to your church. We provide marketing materials (you make copies). We bring actors, props, and back drops: All you do is provide the audience!


  • We work with selected members of your congregation to produce a show. We provide scripts, director, and an acting coach. We also provide marketing materials (you make copies).


Our Current Playlist

Harpazo: There is nothing like a mother’s love. After finding out that her son has refused to follow Christ after the death of his father, Pat prays to God that He does not let her die before seeing her son get saved. Will Isaiah ever get saved or will the Anti-Christ recruit him for his diabolical plan to take over the world?

Pigtails & Baby Dolls: Pigtails and Baby Dolls shows the lives of a grandmother, mother, and daughter: three women from three different generations who tackle the issues of sexuality, self-image, and teen pregnancy in a poignant, realist, and inspirational drama that challenges the perception of identity, love, and motherhood.

Black Eye Love: Black Eye Love explores the need for the church to exhibit love to all people. It takes and in-depth look at a Carmen, a former prostitute who enters into the fold and is welcomed with less than open arms. Will Carmen experience church folk pushing her closer to God or back into the arms of her pimp and life on the streets?

The Preyer: Tony Simmions had it all: success, fame, fortune, money, and women. There was nothing that he left unconquered. While Tony is searching to put another notch in his belt, he may have finally met his match. If he loses this time, he will be left to face the one thing he refuses to face – himself.